Dated: RELIEF zine and Terra Firma Diary 2018 launch / by Simon Mould


The RELIEF zine will be exhibited along with the Terra Firma 2018 Diary at Rewind Photo Lab November 16-30th. Opening night is Thursday November 16th, 6.30-8.30 PM – RSVP here.

Large format prints from the RELIEF series will also be exhibited, including 3D images not previously shown.

Excerpt from the show:

The materials we keep and preserve say a lot about the people we are. Even as more and more information is stored digitally, there is something uniquely intriguing about hard copy records. the roughness of paper on skin, the weight of a volume in your hands, the familiar and musty smell of old pages and ink. Dated explores the passing of time as recorded in collections of paper-based artefacts, through two projects, by Sophie Willison and Simon Mould. The Terra Firma 2018 Diary (Sophie Willison) is an investigation of different people's collections of books and magazines accumulated over time, from messy piles to neatly categorised shelves, and allows you to record your thoughts, events and deadlines in the long-held tradition of diary-keeping. RELIEF (Simon Mould) is a 3D time capsule for landscapes that no longer exist, recorded in military aerial survey photographs but changed forever by collisions between people and environments. Both projects celebrate the power of the hard copy record to make more tangible the passing of time.