Published research on RELIEF 3D aerial photographs / by Simon Mould

An article I wrote about my RELIEF project and how art informs my research practice in physical geography has now been published Open Access (free download) in the Journal of Maps. In the article, I reflect on the process of witnessing environmental change and the importance of emotional engagement in science.

You can read the article here and the abstract is below:

Relationships between humans and environments are deeply challenged by recognition of the Anthropocene, which implicates humans as major drivers of planetary-scale environmental changes. Responding to these challenges requires technical expertise, but also creativity in dealing with complex social, cultural and political relationships of place. This paper introduces Relief as an art project that repurposes historical aerial photographs for the creation of affective, low-tech 3D experiences of landscapes and their histories. The creation of these works, and the experience of viewing them, offer a process for witnessing change in the Anthropocene. Content and aesthetics bring viewers into different ways of seeing landscapes, with implications for outreach and communication, as well as approaches to situating science and scientist in relation to society, politics and place. This art project leads into discussion of human agents and non-human agents as co-producers of landscapes, and the opportunities for art and science to respond to environmental concerns.